Pula or Bust 2014 – COMPLETE!

7 Countries, 5 days in costume in a banger!

Mission complete! Pula or Bust for Core – fighting Gut and Liver disease in memory of John Caddy (Michelle’s Father) who lost his life suddenly on the 2nd Feb 2013, there is currently no treatment or cure. The money we raise will go towards research into this condition. The trip was a huge success and the Rubble Mobile made it there and back over 3,000 miles and 11 different countries!

Michelle & Peter Hume alias Fred and Wilma Flintstone stayed in costume for the whole trip day and night!… for 5 days raising money along the way over £11k was raised on this trip, which is testament to our supporters, donators, our dedication and John Caddy who was a very special man. A very person goal which we are proud to have achieved.

It turned a few heads and it seemed celebrity status was reached. Photographs with everyone including passport and boarder control!

The www.justgiving.com/johncaddy is still live if you wish to still donate or take a peek!

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