Our Chosen Charity

As a company we are always striving to make a difference and our commitment to charity work varies from year to year. In 2014 we raised over £12,000 for CORE – fighting Gut and liver disease in memory of John Caddy. Further examples of sponsorship and charity work can be found on the news page.

Last year we raised money for Turn To Starboard to fund a Yachtmaster fast track course. We needed in the region of £4200 for this Scholarship. We named this place “The John Caddy Memorial Scholarship” funded by Purl Design Architecture Ltd.

The Charity

Turn to Starboard uses sailing courses to support those affected by military operations. The focus is on re-integration, re-engagement and providing something tangible (in the form of an internationally recognised qualification) in a supportive and unique environment.

Why We Chose To Be involved

Michelle director of Purl Design Architecture Ltd served in the Royal Air Force. Michelle and Peter both sailed in their teenage years. The name of the scholarship is so named after Michelle’s Father who was suddenly taken from us Feb 2nd 2013. He was happiest when at sea and taught navigation and map reading skills, whilst a member of the National Coastwatch. He was a member of the Mounts Bay Lugger Association. He was a founder member of Charlestown Gig Cub, even sailed to the Scilies in a Gig, attended and competed in the World Championships in the Isles Of Scilly, he was a true Cornish gent loved by all. John Caddy understood and respected the sea and completed his sailing qualifications from Falmouth where Turn to Starboard is based. We think it is a very fitting name for the scholarship that will be offered by us for season 2015.

To find out more about Turn to Starboard, visit their website at http://www.turntostarboard.co.uk

This year’s task is raising funds for Thrombosis Uk

via this link http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/purldesign

Michelle and I wanted to do something to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation. We chose to raise money and in turn raise awareness of potentially life threatening blood clots through Thrombosis UK by entering the Henley 10k (which Michelle and I are training for now). Every 6 seconds a person dies from a VTE globally. Its what people call the silent killer and much more research and awareness amongst the medical profession is needed.

Last year November 2015, we nearly lost Michelle. She suffered multiple pulmonary embolisms on both lungs. It was at this moment our world as we know it changed forever. Michelle was one of the lucky ones to survive, but it is a long road to recovery, we are told she will never recover fully physically or mentally, but we are working towards a place of stability and being able to manage the fall out of such an event. This is work in progress!

Michelle had an unprovoked series of pulmonary embolisms, which nearly claimed her life. She went from ok to coming out of hospital and not being able to walk up the stairs or across the kitchen. It was the start of a long recovery, which we are still in the process of.

We were unaware of the complexities and the seriousness of this condition, in fact we were unaware of this condition at all and knew nothing about it. We need to raise awareness so health professionals and the people recognise the symptoms quickly as the quicker you act may just save someone’s life.
Please see http://www.thrombosisuk.org/home.php for information
It can happen to ANYONE from young, athletes to the elderly.